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Interactive Panel and Q&A Session – Surviving Development Hell

Development Hell is every game developer’s nightmare. Our panelists will provide priceless information and share their personal stories to inspire and guide you out of Development Hell. We encourage both curious minds and game developers to attend and participate in our Q&A session.

Shut Up & Write! @ Central Library

Another opportunity to write.

Look for the green backpack and green water bottle on the table. We will meet on the second floor near the escalators at one of the large tables. I will be either writing on paper or drawing illustrations for my story on a laptop.

We will meet, have some brief introductions about ourselves, or share developments on our story, and then work uninterrupted for a set time.

See you there.

Infill Design Charrette

Appropriate new construction is one of the toughest design challenges facing San Antonio’s local historic districts. Join us for an in-depth charrette as we seek to address the challenges associated with medium-denisty infill and identify possible design solutions that will inform future updates to the Historic Design Guidelines.

TWC Decoded: How to Avoid Unemployment Claims

Ever wonder what it takes to win a TWC claim? The rules seem to be clear to your ex-employees because they win frivolous unemployment claims which leaves you frustrated. Come find out the secrets to winning! Join the UTSA SBDC and CJ Petitt, from My HR Consulting, for this seminar which will demystify the process and the rules for how to successfully fight unemployment claims.

Designing and Branding

How can design and branding make a difference in your bar? Examine the execution of conceptual menus, design elements that add to guest experience, and the role of merchandise to build the bar. It will be important to address how to communicate with designers and how to think of the guest’s experience with design, then review the journey with branding/design in our bars.

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